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Would you Love to Live Here? verdigris windows and weathered concrete by the beach...

With the sunny days casting their golden warmth around me

in the late spring air,

it's not too hard to dream of the romantic notion of a beach house. 

This one is rather unusual because it is not the stereotypical white weatherboard

by the coast - instead it is all verdigris ravaged copper windows

and weathered off-form concrete, left au natural. 


The materials are allowed to glory in their unadulterated patina,

and the simplicity of lines in the architecture creates a serenity

which is quite in tune with a place of holiday dreams.  


Surrounded by a garden of native paperbark trees,

the house sits very quietly in this rough textured setting, 

amongst the softly rolling dune hills of Blairgowrie 

on the Mornington Peninsula. 

With a timelessness to the architecture,

which in turn would surely create a sense of timelessness

when staying there,

it feels as if the relentless clock of life has slowed down,

imparting a sense of joie de vivre.


And that is a very appealing notion for a holiday house. 

Would you love to live here?

To see more details of the property, go to the listing where I found it, here.
The property is located at 10-12 knox road blairgowrie.