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Project Update :: Edwardian house renovation…The Kitchen….

I don't often post my blue fruit projects here on Glamour Drops,
but this one I simply cannot resist!

The building began life as a villa, built in the early 1900s,
in an Edwardian style with Federation and Queen Anne influences.

But somewhere around the middle of the 20th century,
it had been split into 2 cottages,
and then an unsympathetic extension had been added to the rear
in the 1980s, when a lot of the dainty detailing had also been removed.

Luckily for the building,
the new owners decided to restore it,
return it back to a single dwelling status,
and to breathe new life into it
with a thoughtful renovation.

They were keen to respect the origins of the home,
while giving it a more contemporary feel.

We reworked the floor plan layout,
removing the dividing central wall in the process,
and completed a new fit out to all the spaces,
including a new kitchen which opens to the family living area.

 New timber floorboards were laid throughout the home, as the old ones were beyond repair, and we had moved walls to suit the restoration back to a single dwelling. They were stained a richly dark charcoal grey, and finished with a satin oil which works well in a family home. Chair rail and picture rail mouldings, in a generously large profile, were installed in all the living and corridor areas to reference the Edwardian origins.

 Pressed glass tiles also reference the original Edwardian style of the home….while stone benchtops create an elegant yet completely easy-care work surface for a couple who like to entertain frequently.

 As well as a fixed counter with a stone benchtop, there is a mobile counter with a timber chopping board benchtop which can be wheeled out to the balcony for entertaining. To the right you can just see the entrance to the walk in pantry which has its own bench space and floor to ceiling storage for foodstuffs and small electrical appliances.

When I first started working on this project,
I was delighted to discover that the clients had a most extraordinary
collection of sculpture and really interesting artworks,
collected from all over the place,
and each with a wonderful story to tell.

The collection of eclectic objects became my storyboard
for the design of the home. 
The house would become a neutral backdrop,
with lots of horizontal surfaces on which to display this
colourful collection.
Some areas, like the kitchen, would be kept deliberately uncluttered
so that the artwork & objects could become the star of the show. 

I was very privileged to have such wonderful clients on this project.
As you can tell, they love and appreciate beautiful things,
and the resulting home is a credit to their determination to
protect and restore the beauty of an older home.

As the owner said, coming home to such a house is an absolute joy,
with its sense of calm and vibrancy all at once,
and they say to each other:

"Aren't we lucky to live in a house like this?"

It was a massive renovation,
from top to toe,
and we were able to create a fabulous floor plan
without needing to extend the footprint.

But I do suspect the house thinks a little bit of luck was involved
that it got to be rescued, and re-imagined for modern life
and most importantly, re-loved as a home
by a family who appreciate it.

Now that's got to be lucky, I think!