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Adding drama to design....

black and white kitchen

Drama is one of the key components in a glamorous home...

...the drama of strong colour (neutral or not)...

...the drama of bold shapes and lines...

...and the drama of scale: audaciously big/bold/confident.

rectangular swimming pool overscaled black steel doors

This home in Londrina, by Brazilian architect Guilherme Torres, celebrates the drama of design quite deliciously.

And illustrates how adding drama can also add whimsy, and therefore fun.

These doors leading from the swimming pool to the living area certainly don't need to be so enormous.... after all, they are simply a means of getting from the exterior to the interior....

But making them so very tall has changed the entire dynamics of both spaces. The exterior has become super dramatic, with an emphasis on the long lines of the doors and the long lines of the pool. The interior has become super spunky, with an emphasis on the generous mezzanine volume and the theatrical effect of vertical lines.

powder blue ottoman

Both the kitchen, with its dark tones and strong lines, and the over-scaled black doors by the pool convey drama, because they utilise the magic 3 components with equal boldness: colour/shape/scale.

And because there is also an element of the unexpected (in this case a powder blue ottoman & pacman graphics on the wall) the space in between works because it doesn't feel like a formula.

But it certainly does feel glamorous.

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