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How to Tie a Tie...Obvious? no, no, no...

rhodes and beckett suit with classic car

navy blue tie rhodes and beckett

Have you ever had to teach somebody how to tie a tie? When my youngest son recently had to start wearing a tie as part of his school uniform, the family got itself in knots trying to explain how to twist and twirl the impossible little piece of fabric. It seems to be one of those things that you can easily achieve if you don't think about it too hard...but better not to analyse...a bit like teaching someone to drive a car...

how to tie a tie

Luckily, my nephew from London was staying with us, as part of a "go see the relatives during a gap year"...and as he could not only draw in a most impressive manner, but also turn the whole affair into a game...he quickly whipped up this little "how to" sketch as a guide. And suffice to say, the lesson was quickly learnt. Proving the point that sometimes, an image is worth a thousand words....

classic car

And that once you get the hang of it, tying a tie is a bit like driving a vintage car...a little fiddly, but the resulting style is inimitable!

images :: sketch by my clever nephew scanned by blue fruit // all others 2013 rhodes & beckett campaign