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Dreamy Bedrooms

With today being the day for love, what could
be more lovely than dreamy bedrooms?
So, here are some absolutely gorgeous ones...
Feminine with an industrial edge...
The drama of black...
Rustic textures from timber...
Homage to the beloved Chanel No. 5!
Something about a 4 poster that just works,
at the Tigerlilly Hotel in Edinburgh...
And the palest of pale smokey blue
in a wonderfully buttoned bedhead.
All beautiful, dreamy bedrooms!
Which one would give you the sweetest of dreams?
Images: 1: house for sale at Toorak, via; 2: Loft living via Mia Casa; 3: via Signed by Tina; 4: Brown Dress with White Spots tumblr 5: house for sale at Caulfied via; 6: Tigerlilly Hotel, Edinburgh; 7: Miha Mahei Photography; 8: unknown source